Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As you can see, I am the most awesome blogger on the planet! LOL NOT! So, here is my list of excuses. We were all sick pretty much the whole month of April. I am not even joking. It started off with my Son having a 103 fever for 6.5 days. Yeah. It was Roseola, but it is one of those things that is scary, until the fever breaks and then the rash hits. THEN, DH and I got colds right after. It was one of the WORST colds I have EVER had. So April was awful. May has been alright, but I was feeling extremely demotivated because my tiny little nook was just NOT working for my creating. So I stopped doing much crafts. But tonight! We moved all my stuff in to another room, so I'm all spread out and have plenty of room to work! So, be on the look out for awesomeness ahead! OH! And also a huge announcement, I sold my Cricut stuff and got a Cameo, and I am in LOVE! I was on the fence about it for a long time. Started having issues with Cricut and just decided you know what? I want the Cameo. And it just so happened that HSN was having another flex pay deal right around that time! So I SCORED, and I haven't regretted it one bit. So there will be LOTS of Cameo things done. What I am working on now. Well, I am working on this years Project Life...I have the title page done. LOL. Yep. I took a break from my Son's first year book because I was just getting bored. So I'm going to hold off on that for now, and try to push through and get a lot of this year's book down. I am also working on various swaps, and I am doing a Heidi Swapp Memory Files album! So I will start sharing my work on that with you too! I am planning on ordering 4 more. I have 2 more coming to me, and then I am going to order 2 more. I am planning to make 3 of my nieces a book. Just with various pictures and memories. :) But the one I am working on right now is kind of my own thing, plus Heidi Swapp is doing a guided book on her blog, so I am also adding something from that! 
Anyway! This blog will get better from here out! :) See ya soon!
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