Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WARNING: disaster ahead!!!

So, I am not a blogger that will be only showing things that will turn out. My crafting life is full of disasters...most of the time I learn from them. Some disasters have made me realize that some crafts just aren't for me (cross-stitching and knitting!) and have led me to look for other avenues for my creativity.
As you saw for my first blog I started sewing in paper, and surprise the straight stitch turned out awesome!!! I really want to be able to zig zag on paper too. So I got my sewing machine out again, and tried it in my test paper. Well I don't know what I am doing wrong (and still apparently am) but my zig zag stitches were coming up upside down. Still haven't figured that I just figured I would just sew on the wrong side and that worked fine. First time through was going great....and then my bobbin ran out of thread! So I had all these giant holes. Oh well. Picked them out and figured I would still push forward.
Got all the way around the card, and right on the most viewable corner ended up with a birds nest! Gahhhhh!!! So I think well, now it will just be shabby chic! Added the finishing touches and voila!!!

You might not think it looks too bad, and I didn't think so either.....until....

Yep I sewed it together!!! Bahahahahahahaha!!!

So yeah. This didn't pan out. Lol I still don't know what I am doing wrong with the zig zag stitch, but I will keep trying!!!! Lol


  1. A good friend of mine had a toy sewing machine when she was a little girl. Her mother told me that what she used to do was sit in front of it and swear!! That's what she though sewing was from watching her mom. Just saying. :)

  2. Hahaha! That's hilarious!!!

  3. haha.. Don't worry Tami, we have all at some time had these same experiences.. And well done to you for being brave enough to share!
    I think when the card is closed, it looks great! Can't really tell anything went wrong at all.. And as for the middle, well.... THAT JUST ADDS CHARACTER! :)
    Another great post! Well done..
    Toni ..xoxo