Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello crafty readers! So I have had several projects going lately. On top of my son's first year Project Life book, my 2013 Project Life book, I have been working on a church bag for my son which I just finished today. I also have been doing a Heidi Swapp Memory Files Album which has just been a book about me, and important people and memories. I also have been doing a little bit of Smash*ing again, after being inspired by joining a group on Facebook. I love Smash*ing because it's just whatever I want. I feel a little more confined by Project Life that it has to be memories etc, but Smash*ing is whatever I feel like doing! Anyhow, I have been a little demotivated lately with Project Life too. I took a break with my son's book because I was just feeling bored with it. Now I am feeling the same way with my 2013 book. So I think I will work on other things right now, and come back to PL later.
Anyhow here is some looks at what I have been doing. I'm sorry I don't share my Project Life. Right now I am still on the fence about sharing. I just want to try to protect my son as much as I can. I might eventually share, but for now I have decided to hold off.
So first off here is the bag I made. This was done on my Silhouette Cameo. I ironed on Heat n Bond Lite on the back first. Then I ran it through my cameo with the blade at 5, and speed on 1. Cut pretty much perfectly. Then I adhered it to the bag. Then I sewed around the letters. So here is what I learned from this experience. First off, be careful with rotary cutters because I almost cut the top of my pinky off. Not fun! Next would be you have to PLAN on sewing around the letters. The heat and bond is not permanent. At least it wasn't in this combination. It stayed on long enough for me to sew it down. Lastly would be, if you stink at sewing like me, accept that fact. LOL. It looks horrible up close. But looks great from this far out. LOL So, it works for me! I think it turned out super cute and I'm glad I tried it! I have one more tote bag, I'm debating on whether to make another bag for my son for when he goes to get babysat at the grandparents or make one for my nephew who is 3 months younger then DS. We will see but I will be sure to share whatever I do!

This is before I sewed it, but I used a little black button for the elephants eye and sewed it on by hand.

Here is fun card I made for a swap. I used inspiration from somebody on a board, and I'm sorry I can't find it anymore! The group I got it off of closed. So if you know I used this idea from your blog please tell me and I will link! It turned out super cute though! Love all the owls. The only thing I really don't like is the You're a Hoot got all jacked up. But thanks to my friend Karen, whose blog you can find in my blog list, I think I will get better results from now on! The card base is a cut from Lori Whitlock on the SIL store.

Here is a cute baby card I made for the same swap. The circle in the middle spins. I put this stamp and then you spin it around and it says WHOA BABY! on the other side. Very cute. The stamps are from Avery Elle, the card is another Lori Whitlock from SIL store. You will be seeing a lot of her stuff on here, because she is totally my style!

And last but not least, the last card for the swap. Another Lori Whitlock card, and the cloud is a Die from The Greeting Farm. So is the sentiment.
So those were my recent projects. I hope to share more often. Hopefully one of these days I will photograph me working on something from start to finish! I just keep forgetting. Hope you enjoy! :)

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  1. That owl card is so awesome! I wish I had a Cameo.

    I have been full force in PL and needed more, that was when I went back and documented 2012 PL in a week. I have a lot of time on my hands I suppose.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, you have a lot of projects going on... on second thought, I bet all crafters do :) It's hard to stay committed to one thing at a time. I had to take a break from PL too. Just as long as I remember to get back to it, it's all good.
    LOVE the bag and your cards turned out really cute!